Indian Summer

2012 | 16 mins |




INDIAN SUMMER follows Indian American kids aged 9 to 16 at the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp near Rochester, New York as they pursue a course that offers exposure to meditation, yoga, and the opportunity to learn how to practice Hinduism in a largely Christian country. Campers come from all over the country and many are the only Indian person in their school. They long to make other “brown” friends, to express their religious identity, and to learn from older counselors who are “just like them.”

Through a lively and entertaining weave of footage shot by young campers, interviews, animation, and verite footage, the film brings together first generation Indian American kids with similar experiences to document their religious and cultural point of view. They demystify the basic tenets of Hinduism for themselves and for us, they express a deep need for community, and they show us what it takes to be a Hindu in America.

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