Perpetual Emotion 101

, | 66 mins |

Grade Levels:

Director: Carolynne Hew, Canada, 1996, 8 mins
“In eight tight minutes, she manages to capture the collision of ancient magic
and modern neurosis.” – Janet Smith, Westender

Peer pressure and media imagery influence a young girl’s fluctuating opinions of her
looks and self-worth.


Director: Greg Pak, 1997, 11 mins
A young man squirms out of a heated discussion about pregnancy with his girlfriend by making a mouse hunt his top priority.


Director: Richard Kim, 1997, 6 mins
How a Chinese chef revolutionized American culture and proved that the chopstick is mightier than the fork.


Director: Carla San Diego, 1998, 6 mins

An ordinary trip to the DMV becomes a downward spiral into spiritual gridlock when the oppresions of road etiquette take their toll upon the nicest guy on earth.


FALL 1990
Director: Quentin Lee, 1995, 35 mins
Freshman year provides the backdrop for the romance between two young men determined not to let their dramatically different pasts dictate their future together.


Asian Pacific American student groups and college residential education programs can refer to these collections, along with Chris Chan Lee's popular feature, YELLOW, as helpful resources for programming campus film series. Also, the anthology titles are potent supplementary materials for academic courses ranging from Asian American studies to the social sciences and humanities.

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